Is it Possible for a Dog to Tell If You're Pregnant?

Is it Possible for a Dog to Tell If You're Pregnant?


    dog know you're pregnant
    Image by dbkatayama from Pixabay 

    If you love dogs and are aware of how sensitive they are to your moods, you will note when they become too clingy or loving. Dogs may not be able to communicate verbally, 

    but they can certainly send a message through their body language.

    Your cute Poodle may be trying to tell you something, and there's increasing proof that canines can detect hormonal changes, so it's worth a visit to your doctor. According to a study, dogs can predict sickness and pregnancy, so telling your doctor that your Poodle has been acting oddly does not surprise them. 

    Your dog may have detected changes in your body and realized you were expecting a child before you did!

    Symptoms a Dog Can Recognize If You're Pregnant

    The dog was aware of the significant changes in their pet body, mom's, and when the doctor confirmed what the dog had diagnosed, the pet-mom was stunned but overjoyed. Dogs have strong scent receptors that can detect hormones bouncing around in our bodies, making them sniffing machines. 

    It may have been a rush of estrogen and progesterone as the pet-body mom's prepared for her first child in this situation.

    The pooch had taken on the role of nanny and, thanks to its keen senses, was aware that the pet-mom was expecting a child and would not leave her side. Her Poodle would whine and put her paw in her guardian's lap when the owner sat on the sofa. 

    The dog took on the role of her companion and kept a close eye on the pet's health. mom's

    When the pet-mom went out before the birth, the dog was fine, but now the neighbors complain they can hear howling and scratching at the front door. According to Baby Center, a reader's dog did the same thing. Her dog would follow her around everywhere and was suffering from separation anxiety. 

    Some dogs can chew up the new baby's toys and become too reliant on their pet-mom as a result of the changes.

    Dogs Detecting Pregnancy in the Past

    Apollo, a rescue dog, seemed to sense his pet-mom was pregnant after the family had been trying for a long time, according to People. 

    Rachael discovered Apollo had put his nose on her abdomen one day, which was unusual, and she was surprised to learn she was pregnant weeks later. 

    Both the pet-mom and the baby were immediately protected by Apollo.

    Ancient cultures have used strange and wacky methods to predict pregnancy throughout history. Women who suspected they were pregnant were advised to urinate on barley and wheat seeds in ancient Egypt. 

    It was a successful test if they sprouted. The ancient Greeks did strange things with onions, and a physician in the 16th century noticed improvements in pregnant women's skin

    Until the 1960s, when the home test kit was introduced, there were horrible animal experiments.

    Today, psychics and the family dog both predict a pregnancy. Animals have the ability to read our thoughts, but they most likely picked up on the subtle signals that their partner did not. Their soon-to-be guardian may have been tired and in need of more bathroom visits. When it comes to analyzing their favorite people, dogs are masters of cues and never miss a beat.

    The Science of Canine Pregnancy Detection

    dog know i'm pregnant

    Image by FOTOKALDE from Pixabay 

    Meet Lucy, a stunning Labrador Retriever/Irish Water Spaniel mix who failed Guide Dog school and now works as a cancer detection dog. Lucy has a 95% accuracy rate when it comes to detecting bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer. 

    That, according to CCN, is a lot better than lab studies.

    So, how do dogs tell if they're pregnant or have cancer? Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and can pick up a scent and transfer it to their brain. They have a high-tech olfactory system that outperforms ours, 

    with 300 million odor receptors versus our 5 or 6 million. Their analyzing portion of the brain is 40 times greater than a human's. In a game of sniffing chess between humans and dogs, it's canine checkmate.

    The curious thing is that while dogs like Lucy have been trained to detect cancer, there have been reports of untrained mutts detecting cancer or detecting the fact that their pet-mom was pregnant all over the Internet.

    Pooches have a hidden weapon in the smelling game, which may explain why sniffer dogs are in such high demand. Jacobson's organ is a prestigious part of their anatomy that was discovered by Ludwig Jacobson in 1813. 

    A woofer will pick up the scent of pheromones in this hidden chamber.

    When you see two puppies inspecting each other's rear ends, this is an example. Dogs will drive their shnozzes into areas you wouldn't want them to because they pick up data that might tell them whether you're pregnant.

    Taking Care of Your Dog During Your Pregnancy

    Although your dog can be a great source of help while you're pregnant, that may change once the new baby arrives. As the new prince or princess catches everyone's attention, some woofers can experience the green-eyed monster. 

    Your psychic dog may have foreseen the arrival of this puppy, but now that he or she is in the nursery, your pup may feel unloved.

    When a new baby is born and mommy is preoccupied with the infant, the same thing happens to the children. If your dog doesn't know his or her ABCs when it comes to training, your companion might help by finding a dog trainer or taking them to local lessons. 

    It's important that your dog understands and responds to vocal cues.

    Make sure they know how to sit, stay, and come so that they can react positively if things get hectic. Jealousy is a strong emotion, and if a dog believes the baby has taken its spot, it will become snarly and need restraint.

    Prepare your dog for what is about to happen before the baby is born. Maintain communication with them and make them feel included. Show your dog the nursery and other baby-related things you have. 

    Dogs are members of the family and deserve to be appreciated. Your dog could become the baby's best friend if done correctly.

    Victoria Stilwell, a dog trainer, recommends letting a dog sniff baby items and a blanket the baby may have been wrapped in at the hospital to prepare them for the new arrival. Since babies scream a lot, Victoria suggests playing a CD of the sound before bringing the baby home. 

    Your dog should be ready when the baby arrives if you do good things for them. Your dog will become agitated and act out if you do nothing to train them.

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