How To Get The Dog To Pay Attention To You... Continually

How To Get The Dog To Pay Attention To You... Continually
    how to get a dog to pay attention to distractions

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    How To Get The Dog To Pay Attention To You... Continually

    You've done all the legwork in determining the right dog for you and locating a safe dog. You've got a lot on your plate with housetraining. However, your dog continues to ignore everything you say.  What exactly are you doing incorrectly? What are the best words to use?  What do you teach your dog to do or not to do?

    Both of these are typical inquiries from dog owners. Subscribing to the FREE Dog Training Mini-Course is a great way to get started. to learn what you should teach your dog.

    Teach Your Dog to Follow Your Directions

    The majority of dog owners want their dogs to walk "nicely" on a leash. It is important that your dog responds when he or she is called. It's also beneficial to stay until you're told to. But how do you teach such behaviors to your dog?

    Understanding how the dog mind operates, combined with tried-and-true training methods, a few training aids, and regular training, is the secret to success. Dogs are unable to comprehend any word spoken in human language. Instead, they learn a few phrases that are repeated over and over and are associated with a particular task. Your dog, for example, may hear the word "out" and equate it with going outside. However, if you change the term you're using, he won't understand what you're trying to say. It's important that any word you want to use as a command is used consistently. 

    The term "down" is sometimes misunderstood by dogs because it is incorrectly used to mean "lay down." However, the dog also associates it with the phrases "get off the sofa" and "don't jump on people." Worse still, when the term "down" is used to refer to all three.

    In this case, consistent preparation suggests that you can only use the word "under" to say "lay down."You would use the command ‘off' instead of ‘down' if you wanted your dog to get off the sofa, and you would use a command like ‘floor' or ‘no leap' instead of ‘down' if you wanted your dog to stop jumping on people.

    Are you familiar with the Alpha Dog? 

    You must first decide that you are the "Master" and he is the "follower" before you can begin training your dog. Some breeds, such as the Doberman Pinscher, will require you to work every hour of the day to remind your dog that you are the Alpha Dog or Pack Leader, while other breeds, such as the Golden Retriever, will only require you to develop your "leader-follower" relationship at the beginning of your relationship.

    Subscribe to The Dog Training Mini-Course now to learn how to train consistently and how to develop your position as the Alpha Dog. Use training methods that are sent to your inbox in a step-by-step format.

    Learn how to be a pack leader by following these five simple rules. Assist your whole family in being pack leaders for your dog. Your dog is the pack leader if you aren't. The pack leader is in charge of training the other members of the pack. Become the alpha of the pack!

    Transform your rambunctious, out-of-control dog into a well-behaved pet... Easily and quickly

    Do you know how to get your dog's measurements for a training collar? Do you know how to place the training collar on the dog the "p" way rather than the "q" way? Do you know how to teach these important commands to your dog?

    •  - Heel

    • - Sit

    • - Down

    • - Stay – both Sit-Stay and Down-Stay

    • - Come

    • - Stand

    • - Work Time

    • - Free Time

    If you replied no to all of these questions, sign up for our FREE Dog Training Course today
    Your dog would thank you for teaching him how to be properly trained. He'll appreciate knowing what you're looking for and how to deliver.

    When training your dog, it's important that you understand the pitfalls to avoid and success tips. When teaching your dog the basic commands, there are 6 Secret Tips for Obedience Training Your Dog that you must recall. Because many people forget these, their dogs are never able to successfully master the commands.

    When teaching their dogs simple commands, many dog owners make four common mistakes. These blunders are simple to prevent.

    Socialization commands are those that teach the dog proper etiquette and help him become a valued family member. There are some of them:
    • - Business

    • - Hurry

    • - No

    • - Bad dog

    • - Floor

    • - Off

    • - Pay attention

    • - No bark

    • - Boundary

    • - Leave it

    • - Ouch

    • - Gentle

    • - Take

    • - Give

    • - Drop

    • - Toy – various toys by name

    • - Put it away

    Learn the 4 Most Common Reasons Dogs Have Behavior Issues and What to Do About It. Learn how to deal with a dog that has developed bad habits. It takes longer to untrain bad habits than it does to train good habits, but it will be satisfying for both you and your dog.

    What are the most common behavioral issues? Five of the most common behavior issues include jumping on others, digging, having a limited attention span, leaving his home yard, and picking up objects while walking. Get step-by-step assistance with these and other issues.
    Subscribe to The Dog Training Course todayYour dog would thank you for teaching him how to be properly trained. He'll appreciate knowing what you're looking for and how to deliver.

    Learn how to teach your dog some simple tricks, such as sit, stay, and come when called.
    • - Play dead

    • - Rollover

    • - Beg

    • - Dance

    • - Shake

    • - High five

    • - Give me five

    • - Speak

    • - Fetch

    • - Take a bow

    • - Find it

    • - See me

    Your friends will be astounded by your dog's intelligence and your ability to show him so many things!

    Since not all dogs are created equal, they should not be required to learn in the same manner or in the same amount of time as any other dog, regardless of breed. In his or her training, each dog will be special. Always have a relaxed and patient attitude with your dog, and remember to praise and reward him if he does something right.

    Whatever your end goal is, remember to have fun and enjoy the relationship you form with your dog as a result of your training. As you work through The Dog Training Course together, he will undoubtedly appreciate the bond he forms with you.

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