Dogs Teach US Valuable Lessons

Dogs Teach US Valuable Lessons
    Dogs Teach US Valuable Lessons

    Dogs Teach US Valuable Lessons
    There may be no task more important for parents than imparting lessons about values to their children. Dogs offer a wonderful means—every single day—to teach basic lessons about concern for others, the
    meaning of commitment and responsibility, and the joy of our closest connections in life. ANGELA’S TEENAGE DAUGHTER Chloe is so calm and compassionate as she cares for their Chihuahua Pedro that at times it has brought a tear to Angela’s eyes.
    Chloe has diabetes. And Pedro does too. Pedro requires twice-a-day insulin shots, which more often than
    not Chloe applies. Chloe herself has received insulin shots since she was in kindergarten—in fact, she learned to inject herself soon after her diagnosis.
    Chloe is an expert in the method: she warms the insulin in her hand before injecting it because it stings less that way, and she tries to find the least painful scruff of skin available for the shot. She speaks soothingly
    to Pedro and rubs him gently.
    While Angela marvels at her daughter’s ability to persevere through her own health challenges—having to be careful about everything she eats and continually monitor her blood sugar—Chloe gives Pedro credit
    for the example she sets.

    “He’s such a good little dog,” Chloe says. “He doesn’t know why he has to get poked all the time, but he accepts it from me, and he doesn’t even know we have this in common. I wish I could make it all better for him, but at least I can help keep him as healthy as possible.”

    Children raised with dogs in the home are 9 percent more likely to be kind
    to others. (Bierer 2001) 
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