using words more than body language

    using words more than body language for dog

    9- using words more than body language 
    dogs can learn to understand the words we use a lot, but they don't understand every word you say they pick up much more of what you say with your body based on how you feel,
    what really confuses dogs is sending mixed signals that is saying something that doesn't jive with your body language
    for example ordering your dog to stay while holding out your hand like a traffic cop invites the dog to come toward your hand.

    8- petting a dog's face or head
    many humans would agree that being touched on our heads or faces is an invasion of personal
    space dogs feel the same way many of us think that we're just being nice, but if you pay attention to the way dogs
    lean away you'll understand how they might feel uncomfortable of course dogs think petting is awesome but you should stick to rubbing or petting the back or rear near the tail.