when should you feed your dog morning or night?

when should you feed your dog morning or night?
    when should you feed your dog morning or night

    when should you feed your dog morning or night?
    IT'S-A PERENNIAL question: Should you feed your dog once a day or twice a day? I’m in the once a day camp... with exceptions. Why?
    At least some research shows that once a day feeding schedule is aplenty.
    It’s convenient.

    And when I feed my dogs the same time every day, I never forget to feed them, as I sometimes do when I’m temporarily on a twice-daily feeding schedule. But either way will work; I’ll outline some general recommendations here.
    As a rule, it’s not a good idea to feed your dog prior to an active work out or a y activity that will
    require hard running. Concerns that dogs with full stomachs are prone to torsion have apparently proved unfounded, but there are other concerns.
    I’ve noticed, for instance, that pointing dogs that have been fed too close to a hard hunt are constantly
    looking for a place to empty out, which slows them down.
    Worse, some dogs become sick to their stomachs and vomit. Neither is good.
    Of course, that brings up the obvious question:

    When should you feed your dog to supply him with the energy he’ll need specifically for a hard
    hunt? For most of the year, I feed my dogs in the morning, shortly after I awake. But when the hunting seasons roll around, the dog I choose to hunt over on that particular day will be put in the kennel while the other dogs eat, then fed shortly after the conclusion of the hunt.
    I justify the dog’s disappointment at not being fed by giving it more after the hunt, usually another half ration above the normal amount. So far, that schedule has worked well.
    If the dog isn’t hungry and some aren’t after hard exercise the addition of hot water to their food seems to improve their appetite.

    Hypoglycemia in dogs, a fairly common affliction, means the dog won’t tolerate hard exercise without some food in its belly, however. I’ve owned a couple of dogs like that, and the best compromise  I’ve been able to come up with is to feed them a small amount prior to the hunt half or even a quarter of a ration and then feed them all they want after the hunt concludes.
    The takeaway is that for most dogs, one daily feeding is fine. But if it makes you feel better to feed them twice a day, it won’t hurt them a bit, and without a doubt, your dog will enjoy the extra attention...and feeding.
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