Inspirational About Dog

Inspirational About Dog
    Inspirational About Dog

    Inspirational About Dog
    A new scheme aims to commemorate Britain’s amazing
    pets and Joanne Bednall finds out how owners can nominate their
    own dogs for this prestigious honor.

    What do Walnut the Whippet, Flora the Akita, Alfie the Pug, and Mugly the Chinese Crested
    Dog all have in common? Well, these four celebrated canines — along with nine other dogs, seven cats,
    two horses, one goat, a duck, and a monkey — are among the first animals in the world to be honored with a prestigious pet plaque. Launched by a leading house and pet-sitting business TrustedHousesitters, this is the first time a programme similar to English Heritage’s blue plaques scheme has been created solely to commemorate amazing animals.
    Just like the human equivalent, which recognizes notable men and women from the past 150 years, these classy green plaques mark the lucky animal recipient’s own place in British history. Proudly displayed outside the pet’s home, each plaque features a distinctive pointy-eared design and is engraved with a brief description of the animal’s achievement and birth date.
    The idea to honor inspirational animals, past and present, was motivated by recent research from TrustedHousesitters. The study revealed that one in five (21 percent) of the nation’s animal lovers would rather spend time with their pet than their partner, while just over a third (35 percent) even admitted that they would rather be with their pet than their friends.
    “There are countless stories across the country of pets who have a special bond with their owners or do something incredibly heroic,” explained Tim Lyons, managing director at TrustedHousesitters.
    “For more than 150 years, we have honored deserving people with blue plaques, and we felt it was time to celebrate the nation’s love for our animals by honoring them in a similar way.”
    Now ordinary owners can nominate their extraordinary pets to receive one of these prestigious plaques for 2019. So, if your dog has made a difference to your life or the life of others, or has gone beyond the call of duty in some way, put him or her forward for consideration by visiting www.trustedhousesitters.com/pet-plaques, filling in his or her details and submitting the form.
    Earlier this year, TrustedHousesitters shortlisted 60 remarkable animals based on their poignant stories and invited 2,000
    UK pet owners to vote for those they thought were the most deserving. The 24 who attracted the greatest number of votes received their plaques in 2018.
    Next year, TrustedHousesitters staff and guest panelists will sift through the nominees and decide which animals will make up the second round of winners.  Successful pets will be presented with their plaques on an ongoing basis throughout
    2019, so there is no deadline or the set number of awards up for grabs.
    Tim added: “We’re now looking forward to hearing more inspirational tales of cherished pets as the scheme continues to grow.”
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