Dogs Who Are Better with Young Children

Dogs Who Are Better with Young Children
    Dogs Who Are Better with Young Children

    Dogs Who Are Better with Young Children
    As with babies, most dogs aren’t good with young children. The reasons are varied but come down to the facts that most young children don’t respect dogs as living creatures who can feel pain, and some dogs don’t recognize children as humans. You should never leave a young child alone with a dog. This doesn’t mean that you can’t
    have a dog, but you must watch the interaction carefully. See chapter 7, “Educating Your Whole Family,” for guidelines on how children should interact with a dog.
    Although some dog breeds tend to be good with kids, individual dogs of that breed might not be. Most of the time, the larger popular breeds such as medium to large dogs from the Sporting Group, Hound Group, and Non-Sporting Group (as mentioned earlier) may do well with children, but this isn’t always the case. Do your research on the breeds that appeal to you and contact reputable breeders (see chapter 3, “Finding Your Dog”). Talk with them
    about your situation. Ask if their dogs are good with kids; you may find that a breeder doesn’t think his or her dogs will be suitable or may make recommendations for dogs out of other lines that are suitable.

    Dogs Who Are Better with Older Children
    Many dogs can do well with older, considerate children, but again, you must never leave a
    the child alone with a dog. When looking for the right dog, talk to breeders about their dogs.
    Have your children meet these dogs and see how the dog reacts. Most dogs can be good
    with older, considerate children, provided that they have been properly trained and socialized
    with children.

    Dogs Who Do Well in Apartments
    If you’re looking for an apartment dog, your first consideration should be whether the landlord allows dogs. A second consideration should be whether there is a size restriction (many apartments do have them). In the case of a size restriction, consider dogs from the Toy Group (later in this chapter). Other dogs that may do well in apartments include:

    Golden Retrievers (but not field dogs)
    Labrador Retrievers (but not field dogs)
    Smaller terriers (Terrier Group), but watch out for barkers
    Dogs from the Non-Sporting Group
    German Shepherd Dogs
    Shetland Sheepdogs (can be happy, but with training, you can fix this)
    Standard Schnauzers
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