Mother instinct in dogs

Mother instinct in dogs
    Mother instinct in dogs

    mother instinct in dogs and puppies
    When the waters rose in Harris County, Texas,
    new mum Abilene decided to get her four tiny puppies out of the abandoned property they lived in and
    take them to safety.
    One by one she carried them up the porch of a nearby house and captured the
    attention of the couple living there. Expecting a child of their own, their heart sank as
    the mother struggled to get her pups out of the pouring rain and away from the flood water. The couple gathered
    the little family up and took them to the Rescue and Reunite Center so they could
    get the care they all needed.
    As soon as the mum and pups arrived there, Best Friends volunteers got to work bathing them, but they
    soon noticed the emaciated state of the mother. Luckily,
    with flea medication and a few good meals, Abilene regained her health and was able to nurse her puppies.
    “She is the best momma,” said Peggy Kennedy, a Best friends volunteer. “She’s been able to get some rest
    and dog loves taking care of her babies.” Abilene has since traveled to Angel City Pit Bulls in
    Los Angeles, the Best Friends Network partner, where her recovery continues.
    An update for Angel City Pit Bulls said, “Sweet Abilene made it all the way to Los Angeles. She means so much
    to many of the incredible people who cared for her in Texas – her story of strength and survival in the face of
    extreme adversity deeply resonated with us. Thank you, everyone, who helped to get her here, and thank you, Best Friends Animal Society, for saving her life and the lives of so many others.”
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