Your Chosen Breed The Boxer Dog

Your Chosen Breed The Boxer Dog
    Your Chosen Breed The Boxer Dog

    Your Chosen Breed The Boxer Dog
    Out of nearly eight hundred breeds in the canine world, the Boxer consistently ranks in the
    top ten of most popular breeds. Their devoted and valiant temperament mixed with an
    open willingness to be downright silly creates a permanent bond and soft spot in the hearts
    of many. The Boxer is also often romanticized in a number of cultural references. Whether
    it is a book, movie or cartoon, the beloved Boxer is always portrayed as the dignified,
    trustworthy and sometimes silly soul that it is always ready to do its duty. This is not very
    far from the breed’s actual temperament and they are a good choice for the individual who

    also dignified, trustworthy and lighthearted.

    the Boxer was used in security work in both law enforcement and military units.
    Not only did they watch out and guard military installations, they were also
    used to carry messages from one point to another. To do all this, the Boxer needed a
    willing temperament and a strong sense of duty and loyalty to its handler. The very
    existence of a Boxer revolved around a life of work for many centuries. They are not, nor
    have they ever been, a breed that prefers to sit idle and watch the world go by. The Boxer
    is quite old which makes their instincts very strong. These days, one can still see the breed
    at working out in the field. The smart Boxer owner is one that endeavors to work with the
    breed’s most innate tendencies, rather than curb them.
    To ensure good health, the Boxer should never be chained up or isolated; nor should it be
    punished for its natural desire to wander, roam and run. The Boxer is an accommodating
    breed and will forgive the occasional rainy day but will not be able to cope with a
    sedentary life. It is important not to take advantage of the Boxer’s good will, as they rarely
    take advantage of their owners.
    At the same time, one can look forward to owning a dog that has an uncanny intelligence,
    is very people oriented and who will never turn down the chance to get out and exercise.
    The minute a person sees a Boxer, the breed finds itself the center of attention. This is
    because the Boxer has had such a legendary reputation for such a long time.
    For the most part, the Boxer leads a rather healthy existence. That is not to say that
    problems do not occur from time to time, but where there are matters for concern, such as
    purchasing a Boxer for show purposes, there are a number of tests that can be done to
    exclude genetic diseases and other ailments. Boxers that are used for hunting can
    experience their own versions of occupational work injuries such as arthritis and hip
    dysplasia. Owners are cautioned to keep an eye on their Boxer as they have been known to
    continue working through painful injuries, causing further damage to themselves.

    The Boxer is best matched with an owner whose life also revolves around an active
    lifestyle. The more opportunity the Boxer has to get out and roam without danger, the
    happier it will be. Along with keeping Boxers physically exercised, they will need their
    minds exercised as well. Those who do not have at least a minimum of one hour of time
    per day to play games or interact with their Boxer would do better to opt for a less
    energetic breed.

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