6 Dog Breeds Prone to Obesity

6 Dog Breeds Prone to Obesity
                                               6 Dog Breeds Prone to Obesity
                                                By Diana Bocco
    6 Dog Breeds Prone to Obesity

    Just as different dog breeds have different genetic makeups that affect their appearances and behaviors, they also have different susceptibilities to illnesses and diseases. “There are breed predilections for everything, including obesity,” says Dr. Sandy Fink, DVM, who has been practicing dog and cat medicine for over 30 years. “This predilection could be directly caused by specific obesity genes or it could be multiple other traits when combined together, that increase the likelihood that a dog will become obese.”

    In addition to genetics, some breeds gain weight faster than others because they're less active or because their metabolism and appetites are different, according to Fink.

    Here are six breeds more likely than others to pack on the pounds—and what you can do to keep them at a healthy weight.
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