5 Animals that are actually exist

5 Animals that are actually exist
    Honduran white bat

    5 - Honduran white bat
    The Honduran white bat cuts the side veins reaching out from the midrib of the extensive leaves of the Heliconia plant

    making them crease down to frame a 'tent'. They stick to the top of this tent in little provinces of up to about six people,

    comprising of one male and an array of mistresses of females. The tent shields them from rain and predators. Most tent-production bats

    (for example, the relevantly named tent-production bat) take off at even slight aggravations, yet analysts in Costa Rica

    have announced that Honduran white bats take flight just when the primary stem of their tent is bothered, conceivably in light of the fact that they are all around covered.

    In spite of the fact that their tents are normally low to the ground (around six feet), daylight channels through the leaf which gives their white hide a greenish cast.

    This totally hides them in the event that they stay still.


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